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Guide to making a lot of gold

This one actual involves some work (which is actually a good thing as you don't have to worry about nerfs).

The provisioner sub-class is very self-reliant and also has an easy way to make a large profit. I'm fairly sure we are all aware of the Packets of Spice (buy components for 18cp, sells back for 25cp) as a way to macro-skill up to Artisan level 14 for "free." Well, once you are at that point, you now have several good money makers available to you.

This requires:
Fishing 40+ (higher fishing == more profit)
Craftsmanship Artisan level 14+ (once you get to 20+, it jumps a lot)

Outside of the cities, around the bridges and islands are large amounts of fish nodes. In Antonica there are 3 types of fish you'll be able to harvest, so just use your favorite macro program to harvest as many stacks of fish as you can get (or buy from broker if they are cheap).

1 packet of spice (18cp to make) + 1 coal (6cp) + 1 fish == 1s

So you spend 24cp and get 1s back == 76cp profit per combine. Additionally, they are really good exp (I've skilled up to 21 provisioner just macro'ing the different fish). Once you reach 20 and get to make the tier 3 fish products, you are looking at a profit of 4s per fish. The main reason this is useful is that there always seems to be a bountiful supply of fish everywhere.

This also works on tier 2 drinks (such as orange juice and coffee), but as those are harder to collect large stacks of a specific type, I've been focusing on fish. Both the fishing and crafting are easy to macro, and I've managed to save up 46 gold so far just by using this method.

***Important Note***
As with a lot of crafting recipes, the second stage (savory) is worth LESS than any other stages (including stage 1 {crude}). Because of this, if you don't think you'll be able to make it to tier 3 minimum, STOP as soon as you complete tier 1 of the crafting process otherwise you'll ruin your profit.