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Quest Duplication Exploit

In Everquest 2, as you may or may not know, there are items known as Heritage items which are obtained via long and often epic quests. These items are tradable, and of Legendary ranking.

There is a safety mechanism in the game that allows players to buy back these items if they accidentally sell them to a merchant. They can go to a merchant called Shady Swashbuckler on the Nek Forest docks and he will sell the item back to them for slightly more than the vendor paid for it.

Some heritage quest give 4 different rewards based on what class you are... Heavy, Medium, Light, Very Light.

The exploit is quite simply that if you sell on of these multi-type items to a merchant, the Shady Swashbuckler will allow you to not only buy back the type you legitmately own, but also all of the three other types... meaning you can turn one heritage quest item in to 4... you can then pass/sell three of them off (to players, you will loose money if you sell to a merchant) sell the last one to a merchant and rinse and repeat.