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Detailed wholesaler-broker exploit

all though i am told this is not nessicarily an exploit, I for one feel it is and deserves to be noted with how easy it is to make money...ok i do not know if this works the same for artisan as it does for adventurer but i know it goes as follows for adventure

Levels 1-9 = Tier 1: 3sp (do not buy anything over 20cp as it will deminish your profits)

Levels 10-19 = Tier 2: 12sp (do not buy anything over 80cp as it will deminish your profits)

Levels 20-29 = Tier 3: 48sp (do not buy anything over 3sp 2cp as it will deminish your profits)

now you can gamble with this a bit if you know there is plenty of something else you may get then its worth the risk if its not much higher then what is given here...

ok now what you do is once you get to town you join a tradeskill guild. once inside there will be an NPC with no title next to there name, this is the wholesaler. talk to her and get the quest to collect 15 of an item. next find the broker (in most guilds the broker is located on the bottom floor so yes run down those steps). search for the item you are looking for (make sure to go to the last page to get the cheapest of that item). buy the 15 of the required item given in the quest. next run back up the stairs and reap the benifits of a job well done rinse and repeat.

now if you were really smart you made a wood elf or another character that starts in Willow Wood, if you did then in that case once you get to the island join the first guild you come across the name of it is "Wayfair Stockpilers" (or if you didnt and can make your way over to that area to join this guild i suggest that). inside this guild you are fortunaite enough to have the broker on the other side of the room as the wholesaler and you do not have to move at all and can buy the items and take quest over and over and over...which is nice....

if anyone knows of any place in freeport that has the broker next to the whole saler please let me know....running around is a pain in my ass....as well post any other places you may know in Queynos that may be like this as well.

now there is one more part i am told that works but i can not confirm it myself...it is if you have a bunch of a the item you are requested to get in your quest then trade it to a friend and have him trade it back to you one at a time...this will save from actually having to go spend money....just a helpful tip....