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Status Point in Crafting Thing

This might be obvious, but I went from rank 1125 to rank 60 in a few minutes in the crafting guild, PLUS you usually make money.

1) Get a quest from the 1st guy in tradeskill instance.

2) Turn around and look on the vendor. The quests are usually gather 15 iron clusters, tuber strands, average pelts, etc. You can usually find these things on the vendor pretty cheap.

3) turn back around and talk to the quest guy again.

The reward is 12 silver which means if you buy the items for less than 80c each, not only did you get status points, but you also make money. The only one of these that ever cause problems is the pelts. they usually run high, but you can recoup the extra cost really quick. Even better is to do it with a friend. That way if you have any items already, you just trade them with the friend ...one at a time (6 in a trade)... and do the quests without spending any money. To trade 6, you have to spread them out in your own inventory, then transfer them to the trade window. And remember...CNTL drag pulls one from the stack without going through the slider.